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Providing high-level professional service that combines financial & investment advice, accounting & tax services, retirement planning & estate planning.

second opinion illustration  Second Opinion Service

Before you buy, we can assist by providing you with a second opinion.  Our clients have found this service helpful in ensuring that the purchase they are making is the right decision for them and that they are receiving the best product for their needs.

analysis icon  Analysis of your Current Insurance Policies

You may have insurance policies that you purchased many years ago and would like to review how they work and if they are still needed. We can help to explain these policies to you, summarize the insurance policies and determine if it still makes sense to keep them.

determining icon  Determining if you Need Life Insurance and How Much

With proper information gathering and needs analysis we will determine what you need and how much.   Our recommendations will be supported with the numbers and facts.

shopping the market icon  Shopping the Market for the Best Product

If you already have a good sense of whether you need life insurance and how much, we can help by analyzing the market place to find the best product for you. We will review price, features and quality to recommend the best product. With access to all the key insurance carriers in Canada, we will provide you with a recommendation that puts your needs first.

We provide financial planning services catered to you.  

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